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Gallery Asna, Clonakilty, July 2022.
A joint art exhibition by Camilla Fanning and Sinead Barrett

For Decades Sinead
looked at the environment around us, exploring  a sense of place while questioning both familiar and liminal spaces in particular forests and woodlands. According to Barrett “There is something calming in the swirling wind , the whispering leaves and rustling branches. The trees have their own language”. One of her pieces  Nemophilist –means a 'haunter' of woods. She tells us “ The pandemic restricted our movements and gave us time to value the natural landscape and perhaps caused us to look with renewed attention at the space around us and to reconnect with nature. I wanted to explore the connections between people and nature, and I made my own paper using a  pulp of  seeds, leaves, grasses, blossoms and tissue. I then moulded the paper into a human form to create personal and emotive objects that derive from nature, reminding us of our connections to the earth.” In the exhibition  she places these pieces with her acrylic paintings of the forest. 

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 18.09.38.png


60cm *90cm

Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

No way through

30cm *100cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Breaking Through

31cm *92cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Morning mist

30cm *100cm

Acrylic on Canvas

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