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Artist Statement

I  paint and draw using charcoal and acrylics and I also make  my own handmade paper to draw on and sculpt with. I am interested in in exploring etheral and isolated landscapes and objects. Places  which evoke feelings of isolation and solitude such as old buildings, woods, graveyards and seascapes. My work is an exploration of the relationship between individuals and their sense of place, anchored in memories and connections. Inspired by the profound impact of environment on human experience, looking at layers of emotion and meaning embedded within landscapes, both physical and emotional.

I seek to evoke the essence of specific locations, imbued with personal histories and shared narratives. My work is an exploration of how our sense of place shapes our identity and informs our understanding of the world. Whether it's the nostalgia of a familiar street corner or the awe of discovering a new vista, these moments of connection root us in our surroundings and anchor us in time.

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